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Help Re: Self Injury Resources


Anne Arundel Co. Sexual Assault Crisis Ctr.....410-222-7273

Calvert County Abused Persons Program 410-535-1121

Grassroots Crisis Intervention Ctr. 410-531-6677

Parents Anonymous' Parent Stress Line 1-800-243-7337

Walden/Sierra, Inc. (Sexual assault, spouse abuse) 301-863-6661
(Calvert County)

Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-422-0009

YWCA Domestic Violence Hotline 410-265-8080

Baltimore County:

Second Step (410)377-8111 Offers shelter and support groups for victims of domestic violence and their children, rape and incest survivors.

Fellowship of Lights (410)385-1200 Shelter for teens.

Dundalk Youth Service Center (41)288-4356

Department of Juvenile Justice (410)321-3700

Baltimore Co. DSS/Family Violence Unit (410)853-3030
Baltimore Co. DSS/Family Counseling (410)853-2800
Abuse & Neglect Complaints: Children/Adults (410)887-2800

For Baltimore City:

Protective Services 24 hour Hotline (410)361-2235

Montgomery County, MD

mate-related abused persons program for Montgomery County, Maryland: 301-315-4673

Montgomery County child abuse and neglect 24 hr hotline: 240-777-4417

Prince George's country adult and child protection services: 301-808-5624

maryland youth crises hotline: 800-422-0009

montgomery county crises center: 301-315-4000

Prince George's country suicide prevention center hotline: 301-864-7130

Rape crises link 03-527-4077

DC rape crises center: 202-333-7272

Montgomery county sexual assault service: 301-315-4357

Prince George's county sexual assault/rape: 301-618-3154


These numbers are good for the entire Metro-Boston area, and probably all of Massachusetts. If you don't live around here and need to call someone, try the 800 numbers first.

Mass. Coalition of Battered Women's Services: 617 248-0922
Alcohol Abuse and Addictions 24-Hour Helpline - 617 421-5533
Anonymous Crime Reporting Services (WeTip) - 1-800-78-CRIME
Center for Sexual Abuse Counselling - 781-237-9110
Family Service of Greater Boston - 617-523-6400
Samaritans Suicide Prevention - 617-247-0220
City of Boston Emergency Shelter Commission - 617-635-4507
Youth Crisis Hotline - 800-HIT-HOME

Non-local to Boston:
National Domestic Violence Hotline - 800-799-SAFE

This is for the Birmingham/Bloomfield Hills, Michigan area, but they're probably good for most of Michigan:</B>

Suicide prevention centre: (248)456-0909

Crisis Hotline For Youth and Families in Crisis: (734)662-2222

Bloomfield Hills suicide hotline: 1-800-231-1127

Cadillac: 1-800-442-7315

Food stamps assistance: (517) 373-0707

Child Abuse Reporting:

Instate Helpline (24 Hrs)
Out-of-state Helpline (24 Hrs)

Family Violence Helpline (Instate 24 Hrs)

Humane Society 662-5585 (you never know what might come up!)

Poison Control Center (800)764-7661

Assault Crisis Center 483-7273

Ozone House (Runaways) 662-2222

Alcoholics Anonymous 482-5700

Narcotics Anonymous (734)543-7200

Poison Control Center (800)764-7661
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