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Trig Re: Top Depression Resources Online -- Add yours here!

Originally Posted by lenjan View Post
I'm sorry, but "talking to and treating thousands of depressed people" and being depressed yourself are two entirely different things. You can be empathic all you want, but you can't get it unless you've been through it, and it's wrong to say you understand if all you've done is listen to other people talk about it. It's like trying to say you understand what it's like to give birth just from having watched videos of it.
I realize that this is an old post but I just had to say something. This is the best response I have read anywhere.

I have gone through years of depression and I can't even describe it here. I attempted suicide years ago. Without thinking of anything. And it was such an easy decision to make at the time.

I have heard of several different successful suicides by people that I did not know. After the news gets out people say that they understand the grief that this person must have felt or they say that there is no way that things could have been that bad. I even heard someone say how selfish this act is. They just do not get it. I deal with it every day again and no one can say they understand it if they have not been through it.

I have never been treated. I have never seen a doctor. Never even talked to anyone about it. But I can feel it. And I know what it is like.

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