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Default Re: i haven't been diagnosed but pls read and help me

Originally Posted by momo3kids View Post
For the last 5 yrs I have been an emotional rollercoaster. All of it stemming from my first and second husbands abuse. while i have gone to doctors they didn't know about the abuse nor did i voulenteer the info. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar dissorder. but now that i have read up on it i don't think it is bipolar at all I think it is ptsd.

The things that made me even look into this are the constant nightmares, anxiety attacts i have and horrible flash backs that are triggered by the smallest things. i don't feel in controll of my life at all. I was in a gasstation this morning and the man behind the counter looked EXACTLY like my first husband I froze I couldn't move or speak or do anything i turned and ran out of the gasstation when i got in my car i was sobbing histarically but i was certain it was him and i just knew he was gonna get me. I don't know what to do this is ruining my life. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on this for me or am i just being dumb.

You do not sound stupid at all. I do the exact same thing regarding my ex abusive boyfriend and it is normal in relation to surviving an abusive relationship. I was diagnosed with PTSD 15 years ago while having flashbacks, depression and anxiety remembering my family sexual abuse and that lasted a year. I have been treated for depression for that long with meds and am doing well now, but for the past about 3 years I was in this abusive relationship and he triggered the PTSD. It is funny you write this, as I am going thru horrible anxiety and depression from a run in with him. I feel numb, and jumpy etc. You should speak with a professional about your situation and the abuse. You are not crazy. I wish you the best of luck.
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