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Arrow Welcome to the Eating Disorders forum!

Hello everyone,

I'm Christina, one of the co-administrators here at PsychCentral, and I'm also the moderator of the Eating Disorders forum.

I wanted people to be aware of the new rules for this forum, which you may see as a notice at the top of the page by DocJohn:

New! - We no longer allow specific numbers to be used in talking about weight gain/loss, BMI, or body measurements in this forum. Please take note and refrain from any future discussion using specific numbers or percentages.
This is because discussion of numbers is a very triggering topic and we want this to be a safe place for people to discuss their eating disorder and get support.

We have several subforums available here for specific support. If you're dealing with an anorexia related concern please post in that subforum. If you have a bulimia related concern, please post in that forum. As well, we also have an overeating and binge eating forum - so if you deal with either of those concerns, please post in that subforum.

I also want to remind everyone here about the tools we can use to take care of ourselves when we're triggered or in a bad emotional spot.

One tool we have at our disposal is the "Ignore" button. You can use this when you don't want to be contacted by other specific members here. They won't be able to PM you, and you won't be able to see their posts.You can also not read or reply to other members here if you're not able to. We do not have to support people all of the time, and it's perfectly okay to take a step back and to ask for support for ourselves (without having to feel guilty about not supporting others).

From my experiences with eating disorders, I know that it is extremely difficult to deal with. I also know that we can have our good days, and our bad days. However, PsychCentral is *not* a pro-eating disorders support community (we are not "pro-ana" or "pro-mia"). You should not be encouraging other members in their eating disorders to become worse, nor should you be giving advice about how to avoid eating or how to develop an eating disorder. We are here to support others in trying to live with an E.D. and those trying to recover.

I'm also asking members here to use the "trigger icon" (this one: ) when we are posting triggering material. This includes graphic descriptions of binging/purging, or any other topic that we would consider triggering.

I still want people to feel secure to post here about their struggles, but please keep these things in mind.

I also ask you to send me a PM (private message) if you see anything here or anywhere on the forums that you think might be against the Community Guidelines or if you ever want someone to chat with, or ever have any other questions or concerns. Myself, and the other members of the Community Team are here to help!


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