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Default Re: If you want to share your story...

I have bipolar disorder type II with rapid cycling, Borderline Personality Traits, panic attacks, and nightmares. I found this site when I first got home from the psych ward as I was feeling really ashamed and somewhat segregated from the real world after that.

This site has since helped me when I not doing so well. I can come on here, read about my conditions, see that others are also suffering...not just me and I can gain insight to my symptoms by talking with others.

The support I have received from others on here has been great. It really helps. I try also to come on here not just when I'm feeling bad but when I am also feeling good so I can help "pay it forward" to our community and be there for others and not just take, take, take.

Thanks psych central and everyone who helps make it what it is because it is a lifesaver for many of us.
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Default Re: If you want to share your story...

Originally Posted by Kori Anders View Post
I mean, is there a way we can share privately?
Hi Kori,

Yes, you can directly send DocJohn a Private Message with the story you'd like to share

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Default Re: If you want to share your story...

What will be done with the magazine? Sorry if it has already been said and I didn't understand
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Default Re: If you want to share your story...

There is no magazine. This is a part of our efforts to help get the word out about what we've been doing here at Psych Central for the past 20 years. It may result in some media interest (from a journalist or reporter), or it may not. If it does, the reporter may want to talk to some people who've benefited from using the site. Hence this request.

You do not have to post to this thread if you want to share your story; I actually asked folks to send me a PM in my OP. But it's not a problem in any case.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Trig Re: If you want to share your story...

I don't know were to start. From when I was a kid until now? Or what? Because I have a lot to say. I just came out of the hospital yesterday and the doctor say I have bipolar and major depressive episode. I have been physically, psychologically, emotionally and sexually abuse since I was a kid until now. When I say until now I think my family don't know what is going on with me and is hard been with them because they are hurting me. I don't know if the story that I will tell will help me understand if it is me or my family that have problems. I believe my mom have some kind of problem that maybe I could help her too. Even though at the moment my mom and the family are very upset with me and I wish my family could understand what i'm going through and my illness. My boyfriend of 8 yrs have been going through tough times too. His been sexually, psychologically, emotionally and drug abuse. He have been in coma twice and I know that the drug have effect his brain because sometime he don't act mature. But when he came from NY in 11/6/15 he haven't been using drugs because he don't know no one here so thanks to the big GUY up in heaven that he didn't get sick from not having it. Oh, I also have diabetes and CML. We use mariguana (Spanish word) . Because of the problem or situation that escalated we have to move. I also have an appointment on 8/26/15 at 9 am and i'm worry because I don't have transportation to get there an is 2 hours. If I don't go I go to jail. And is something that I didn't do but my mother have to go too but she's borrowing the car of my daughter to get there and I don't know if she takes me or not because she's mad at me. Is in Jasper, FL. I also have an appointment with Right Path Behavioral Services tomorrow at 9 am and no $ for fare. I can't sleep and I haven't been eating good. Right now is 4:21 am and my body hurt. I really need help with everything. I don't know what to do. My heart is pounding and having chests pain and crying inside because I don't want my boyfriend to know even though he gets up to check on me and telling me go to sleep.

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Default Re: If you want to share your story...

I will happily contribute. I don't have time to compose the pm right now, but I will later today. It's my pleasure to help let everyone know what a great place this is and the great people who inhabit it.

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