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Question Do You Have a Technical Issue or Question? READ THIS FIRST

If you think something is wrong with the forums or chat rooms and can't get them to work right for you (usually it's just one feature that was working in the past but suddenly isn't any longer), please try this first before posting here:

1. Clear your web browser's cache and try reloading the page. (Here's how to clear your web browser's cache:

2. Clear your web browser's cookies for our domain (* (Here's how to clear your web browser's cookies:

3. Shut down your browser altogether and try visiting the page again when you restart it.

4. Try using a different web browser altogether. If you're using Internet Explorer, for instance, try using Firefox or Google Chrome instead. If it works fine in one of those other browsers, then you've narrowed the problem down to whatever the old browser you were using is.

5. Last, try shutting down your entire computer and rebooting.

Why do I need to try these things first?

Most problems people experience on the forums or in chat are temporary or transitory problems that exist for a short time due to any number of reasons (corrupted data in your cache, data not updating your cache properly, slow Internet connection, etc.). The key is that -- almost always -- the issue is not something we can fix on our servers -- it's something you need to try and fix with your web browser.

We rarely make any changes to the layout or look of the forums, or make any changes to how they work. So it is usually not a problem on our side -- 99.99 percent of the time it'll be an issue with your computer, web browser, or virus/malware software (and when it is a problem on our side, we usually have a dozen emails from people letting us know about it and we will post about it).

Still have a question?

Use a descriptive and helpful subject line in your post to this forum (don't just write, "Help!" or "Site problem" or "Have a question."). Describe as best you can your technical problem or situation. Include helpful information such as:

- What kind of web browser are you using
- What kind of operating system (Windows 8, Mac, Android phone, etc.)
- What forum theme are you using? (if related to a layout issue)
- Have you tried using a different web browser first, and did that solve the problem?
- Have you tried clearing your web browser's cache and restarting your web browser?

If you fail to provide answers to these questions in your posting, you may not get a very helpful response or reply (other than one re-directing you here to read this first).

Have you read the FAQ/Help Section before asking your question?

And you may be surprised, but our help section really does answer a lot of people's questions (such as can you delete or edit your posts, why hasn't your post shown up yet, what do the titles mean, etc.):

Don't throw away your shot.

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