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Default Re: suicidal posts

I can understand why the PC guidelines state that. Here is my opinion, if it helps.

Saying what one feels in my opinion would be a different state of mind set than saying what one is going to be do.

To me the word feeling is a passive state of mind set (leaves room for discussing giving direction etc.), but for one to actually state that one is going to do with details etc. an action state of mind set (implies to me, already past the feeling part)

To me when one implies they are going to do, implies they are past the feeling state and now on to the action. Very scary I would think that none of us would want to underestimate this implied action and would want to direct the person to professional help.

Being in on the internet, chat room or forum requires all of us to express our emotions in written form, which is not the best form of really communicating effectively to one with the sensitivity of needing urgent and or immediate assistance. To state or mention doing implies action and I would agree that even with an implied action one should seek the attention of actually picking up the phone calling someone or go directly to someone professionally for assistance. It is too (easy) to misunderstand the mind set and emotions of one when your trying to type it and/or read it. Not the same as reaching out and communicating verbally.
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