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Trig Re: Welcome to Smoking Cessation Support

Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
Want to quit smoking?

Here's your place to hang out, offer and receive support, and just generally find ways to help you quit today


I am in the process of quitting cannabis and cigarettes so I can have a gum procedure to repair a receded gum. I have good teeth and this is the first work ever needed, the alt would be obvious and stand out I would loose my smile and I really don't want that, it will really make me feel ugly and horrible if I have to have that.

I am however having a really bad reaction to quitting, I have been having vivid scary dreams, I have been having scary thoughts, I have started grinding my teeth so bad I have damaged them, I'm awaiting a gum guard, my head aches and jaw hurts lots. I'm sweating and irritable, anxious and in so much discomfort. Unable to concentrate, sit still and my mind is racing. I have been trying to reach out for help but I am getting no where.

I called my pdoc to be seen sooner but no joy they have put me down for cancellations but that never comes through.

I called my GP and she said to stop the Nicorette patches and see if that makes a difference and to call her back if not. So that's not going to make quitting any easier.

I called NHS quit help line and they told me to start smoking again, that I should only quit one at a time.

So basically I'm stuck on my own with no other option, no help and no support. I'm beginning to loose my grip. Is quitting worth all this? I really don't want to go back this has been the most resolute I have been about quitting, I have enjoyed having the extra pennies, and liked not going through the panic of running out.

I only got 2hrs sleep last night coz I'm so scared of my dreams, I'm starting to feel like I'm loosing my mind :0(. I'm really sad and blue today.

I'm worried what harm I am going to do to myself if this continues, as i have a habit of taking ODs when I'm freaking out.

Any advice?
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