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Default Re: Welcome to Sharing Self-Help Ideas!!

<font color="blue">Thanks drclay. I was unsure as to whether the 5 pts applied to the problem or to the solution, as reading the points and examples gave me both. I guess I could have replied two sets, one for problem and the other for solution.

THIS IS LONG POST, and I'm sorry for that, but not ashamed

As I noted, I had this solution working, but went into a pain flare (mainly from stress) shortly afterwards.

My problem is not obtaining enough restorative sleep. My solutions included adjusting taking the valerian root at a strength that actually helps, and also taking two doses of pain meds, one with the valerian, and another after an hour as the valerian begins to work. The pain meds have a half life of 1 1/2 hours and is all but "gone" by the 3 hour point. I tend to wake in serious pain between 3 and 4 hours after the last pill.

In addition to the meds routine, I also prepare myself mentally for sleep. I shut down the tv, radio, notebook, check the house alarm and doors, locks, check the dog's water bowl, drink a half pint of water, turn the thermostat down to about 70 F degrees, along with the normal preparations for bedtime (brushing teeth etc.)

Once in bed, I make sure the pillows are adjusted for proper support, turn off the light, turn on the CD player and start the delta brain wave CD. While that begins, I use a type of self-hypnosis/meditation to visualize the chakra colors. As I move through the green, blue to purple... I also "hear" my T begin to count from #1 "in the background." I take note of tension in my body, and of my breathing. This usually allows me to fall asleep.

I recently added a post-hypnotic suggestion for when sleeping/waking after the first 3 or 4 hour segment of sleep: that when it's time for more pain med, that I will briefly wake to take the meds but stay asleep and go back into the dream that I was in (if). I facilitated this effort by having the pain med dose set out, and by purchasing a non-spill sippy top for the half pint water bottle, to allow me to drink while lying down. I also added the suggestion: That whenever I do wake for the day, I will feel fully rested as though I had a full night's uninterrupted sleep.

This works for me. I also engage in lucid dreaming, and have a few times, when waking from the pain and taking the middle of the night dosage, kept telling myself that I was still asleep, I was still in the dream, so as not to have to work at going right back to sleep. This worked delightfully well.

In my current efforts I realized that I was becoming confused as to whether I was awake or dreaming. With further study I found that by "trying" to gently push my hand through the headboard area wall, I could know for sure (because in lucid dreaming if I want to put my hand through a wall, I can. I can't do that IRL. )

NOW as for the unconscious aspect of the problem solving... I DID have to work on the whys I might not wish to go to sleep. I hadn't realized that those issues were at play in the I am thinking they were unconscious, but once I sought them, they came forward. This includes the alone/loneliness factor. I hadn't realized I feel so alone.

Since I had had success with having a good night's sleep, segmented but restorative, prior to this exercise, now that I have ferreted through all these new thoughts, I certainly will be more successful!

Have I missed something still for this problem?

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