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Default Re: Welcome to Sharing Self-Help Ideas!!

Things I missed so far:
</font><blockquote><div id="quote"><font class="small">Quote:</font>
How long has it taken you to work out this routine?

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I've had trouble sleeping since the injury. About 5 years ago I really began trying all the different sleep meds, to no avail. A few months ago I stated and T agreed if anyone can do this, I can. And we began to collaborate on all the elements. There are still other elements that I failed to mention: I am hypoglycemic. I need to eat something every 2 hours or so, which is not possible while sleeping. I do need to eat something just before bed. Also, I aspirate sometimes while sleeping. What I eat might play into this. I have just begun to suspect my inhaler which opens airways??? I do know that I had a problem with the esophagus and began taking digestive enzymes (last month) and that diminished the aspiration to less than half of how often it used to happen (even during the day.) Maybe I need more, IDK sigh. Still working on this, as it is a huge problem to get back to sleep after. Perhaps is an unconscious "fear" somehow.

I have been sleeping ok, but wake fatigued still. It may take a few more days to see if I am obtaining restorative sleep and am just filling the empty coffers right now. (Bedtime is by 1 am!)

I do have true physical issues that cause the pain. However, I know all too well the interconnectivity of the mind and body. If the unconscious is relishing the pain, I want to know about it!!!!

Loneliness. Well. I do ok with aloneness. I like times alone. Lonely is what I don't want to be. For the time being, having a relationship would be more stressful and be more frustrating and probably wouldn't last anyway (I'm high maintenance) so it has been tabled. I'm cognitively okay with this, as it's the correct decision. My heart wishes otherwise? But then, that's where the thought stopping enters screeeeeech!

Did I already mention that I do sometimes read? If my eyes will focus well enough, and my depression allows some concentration, I will read a bit. (If I'm too wired, it won't settle me a bit. I read quite fast and have been known to read an entire work in one sitting!)This is another choice/variable to my sleep routine.

ah drclay , you're pulling long posts from me but most here haven't seen me share this much about myself, and perhaps will allow me?

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