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Default Re: It has been ____days since I purged.

Originally Posted by Moodswing View Post
Today is not going to be a good day. I can feel it. I am down on I look, my weight, my lack of confidence and faith. It is the same F'n story over and over. I just can not break the chains that bind me. I am back to wishing I die in my sleep.
I can see myself in your words... I will tell you just what I should tell myself but never do:

Please, don't give up.
I know it sucks, I know your life's hell, I know you feel trapped and frustrated, but there IS life beyond this.
You are not a different person when you put on a kilo or 5. Your beauty, inner and outer, is still there. And it still shines, despite all the tortures you put yourself into. You're still the same woman, you still carry all your good qualities with you, even on the days you spend binging and purging and feel like a complete loser.
Well, the thing is that: You are NOT a loser. You are a strong person dealing with extremely tough emotions most people would have never managed to cope with sanely. B/p cycles are your way out. A root of escape...
You can find another root! Your body already found one. It's your brain's turn now. You can do it.
Just...please, please don't give up...
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