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Default Re: Transference vs. Projection

This is how I understand it:

Transference is having feelings that seem to be about one person when they're really about someone else. For example, I sometimes think my T doesn't want to listen to me. Really it was my mother who didn't listen, and I've transferred those feelings onto my T.

Projection is where you think someone else is feeling or behaving in a particular way when actually they're your feelings or behaviour. I find it hard to feel sad or angry about things I tell my T, but I imagine him feeling sad or angry - I project my feelings onto him. And sometimes people accuse others of doing things they are in fact doing themselves.

So transference is about the cause of the feelings, and projection is about who you think is feeling them. Does that help? So your T would tell by looking at a) the cause of the feelings and b) where you think they're coming from.

If you experience your T as being distant when really a parent was distant, that's transference.

If you experience your T as being distant when really you're being distant, that's projection.

Your T would potentially figure this out by looking at how you are acting (are you being distant yourself?) and asking if the feelings remind you of anything else. Hope that helps!
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