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Default Re: Welcome to Partners of People with Personality Disorders

Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
If you're someone who's in a current relationship with someone who has a personality disorder, or someone who's had a past relationship with them, this is a forum to share experience, coping tips, and more.

Please keep in mind -- we're a place for mental health support. Be respectful when discussing these issues and try not to generalize.

Hi Doc John I'm really in a situation. I have bipolar and GAD . MY husband wants his sister to live with us. She has Dependant Personality Disorder and Borderline PD. I'm having a difficult time dealing with this. I have a 13 yr. old stepson as well. He has ADHD with poss. bipolar. I just want to get healthy. I'm a retired RN now on disability due to bipolar. So it would definitely help to have his drug. ins. I love him but this is definitely difficult to adjust to this ideal Our house is small. We plan on moving in the future to a bigger house. Has anyone had a similar situation or just some ideals on how to handle this. Especially feeling like I'll never have my husband to myself. He feels a need to take her on a separate Valentines Dinner since she's never been married and alone no real friends. Works at Walmart 51 yrs. old but a child in many ways. Am I asking to much . Someone please help.
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