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Question Our Suicidal Posting Policy & Suicide Resources

What We Mean by "No Suicidal Posts, Please"

We're okay with people discussing their somewhat vague thoughts or feelings they have about wanting to commit suicide. Such posts should be marked with a trigger icon when made, and usually posted here in the Depression forum.

We're not okay with people discussing their specific intentions, plans, methods, or such in a way to suggest they are currently in crisis and in need of immediate assistance. So we do not allow talk of specific plans, methods, or intentions. We're not a crisis hotline, and are not setup to deal with people in such immediate need. We believe that when a person is at that point, they should reach out for a real-world resource in getting help.

Further Suicide Resources

If you need more support for feeling actively suicidal than our community can provide, we maintain a list of online and community-based suicide resources. We keep all of our resources in indexed lists that are regularly reviewed and updated under the "Resources" main menu item (under our logo there). Scroll down and you'll see a category called "Suicide and Crises."

Get crisis help online right now via chat:

On your smartphone:

Or through a telephone call:

Don't throw away your shot.

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