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Originally Posted by Creative1onder View Post
Hi. What do you think helped you the most in getting to where you are now compared to last year? Did you have therapy, did that help? Or was it a self liberating self empowering recovery not needing medical help? I guess support from others was important. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Depression is not a fixed lifelong, reoccurent, permenant condition for everyone that can't have control over and overcome. Some people believe that depression will always be there, that its part of them, and they feel that accepting and surrendering to it is best. Depression is for me both physical and mental illness, not to do with type of the person or background, genetics. It differs a lot from person to person. I've been struggling and suffering a lot with it over the years, for good 10 years. I find it difficult to cope with things as they are in my life with illness. I haven't had good experiences of professionals and not keen on taking med or therapy -have tried to have therapy but been disappointed by different approaches/responses of therapists.
I think what helped me the most was a combination of things. I'm not sure if the supplements actually helped or not but antidepressants sure didn't so if anything it could have been a placebo affect. For me it was really admitting I had a problem I saw a therapist and told her about how worthless I felt, about my anxieties, and about the hopelessness that comes with depression. This helped me because I tend to bottle up my emotions which truly does make things worse. The big thing was realizing what my problems were and how to face them head on. It was about believing in myself finding my own self worth and knowing everyday no matter the situation what I did and did not deserve and always reminding myself of the positive. One thing I did was make a list of things I'm thankful for on a good day and why I am thankful for those things and then when I was having a rough time I could read them and remember some of the things that made life worthwhile for me and I would really suggest this one! If you do not try anything else I suggest I would defiantly do this one! I also had a strong support system. When I came home from college in the summer I had my best friend and dad who both had suffered through similar circumstances which was a really nice reminder of not being alone, my family, my friends. They're job wasn't just to cheer me up when I was down though it was also to remind me on some bad days to suck it up and move on and to quit sitting and wallowing in my pain because that is NOT living. I really needed this sometimes and it was a great help to me to have people who cared enough to tell me the truth. I hope this helped please feel free to private message me if you ever need anything I would love to spread some of my ideas that have helped me on to others who are suffering! God Bless you and don't forget that!!!
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