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Default Re: the meaning of abbreviations/acronyms

Originally Posted by Gus1234U View Post

AD's - Anti-depressant
ANTI-D -anti depressant
AP's - Antipsychotic medication
AS Aspergers Syndrome
BP - Bipolar
BP - Blood Pressure
BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder
CBT - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
CPTSD - Complex post traumatic stress disorder OR
Combat post traumatic stress disorder
CPN - Community psychiatric nurse
DBT - Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DD - Dissociative Disorder
DID - Dissociative Identity Disorder
dx - Diagnosis
ECG Electrocardiogram
ECT Electro Convulsive Therapy
EEG - Electroencephalogram
ED - Eating Disorder
GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Hx - history
IMO - In my opinion
k-pin - Klonopin
Lcm = Life coach mom ( a term for a therapist)
MD - Doctor of Medicine
Meds - Medications
OCD obsessive compulsive disorder
OT - Occupational Therapist
PD - Personality Disorder
PDoc - Psychiatric Doctor (aka Psychiatrist)
PhD - Doctor of Philosophy (check to see if PhD degree is in the field of
P-meds - Psychiatric medications
PRN As Needed
PsyD - Doctor of Psychology
PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
REBT - Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy
Rx - prescribed medication
SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder
SH - Self harm
SI - Self Injury OR Suicidal ideation
SUI - Suicide
T - Therapist
tx - Treatment/therapy

thanks Sabby and Sister Rags. there is also a medical list at this PC forum address:
what does O.P mean?
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