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Default Re: Panic Attack Strategies

Originally Posted by Luned View Post
That's so cool! And I can totally relate to that!!! We were in Disneyworld a few months ago and I was terrified of getting an anxiety attack while going on a rollercoaster. But I went anyways and it was so much fun! I screamed my head off going down and it really helped! I was so happy that I didn't give in to my fear!
Amen to that!

Being in those long lines filled with people, then going in what's essentially a cage, getting hauled up and around, with literally nowhere to go is one of the most daunting things a person with anxiety can get into. The gripping fear and suspense is almost overwhelming if not for the carnival atmosphere which sort of reminds you that "hey this is fun." You're basically tense for the whole time up until the drop.

BUT the payoff is simply amazing.
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