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Default Re: Panic Attack Strategies

Originally Posted by Webgoji View Post
A panic attack for my wife is often a very scary ordeal. Unlike most panic attacks, hers actually induce a psychogenic non-epileptic seizure (PNES).

Symptoms That Mimic Epilepsy LInked to Stress, Poor Coping Skills - 04/10/2012

So unlike a normal panic attack, she falls into an almost epileptic state (and will actually have memory loss with it). The only thing I've found that works is ... well ... me. If I can catch it quickly enough, I can "talk her down". I'll help her calm her breathing and relax her stress levels. It's really scary the first time and doctors aren't equipped to understand what's happening. It really looks like an epileptic seizure, but doesn't respond to seizure treatment. Once they realize it's a form of conversion, (not that they know what that means) they tend to move the patient to the psych ward of the hospital and say the patient is "faking it".
My cousin was like that too.

I hope your wife is ok.
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