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Default Experience Tips/The Purpose and Use of this Sub-Forum

Hey lovelies.

A question has been asked alot about what this forum is for specifically and what goes on here. I hope this thread helps to answer that.

This forum is for those with DID who are feeling vulnerable, small, scared or just little. Does that mean that someone who's not dx'ed DID can't post here? No. There's really no way to regulate that anyhow. Just like any other forum is specifically designed for a disorder, many come on to "help/encourage" those with the disorders in need. So I guess I'm saying that it's for those with DID who feel small or vulnerable and their friends or helpers, or those wanting to contribute in a positive way.

What this forum is not for is...

The deeper discussions regarding DID and the hardships surrounding it. It's a place for vulerables to just 'BE'.

Even though this place is set up for such, we all need to remember that we're online. In being online, there are limitations to the guarantee of keeping this forum's mission 100% of the time, though it will be a primary.

Due to that, some things to remember might be:

Know the possibities of what can happen online, and especially until an admin can act if need be.

Know that using the ignore, ESPECIALLY HERE, might be a mandatory and hopefully only an occassional self-help tool needed until action can be taken if needed.

Know that you don't have to interact with every person that posts here. Just like on the regular forums, respond to what appeals to you, or you can use.

It's a good idea that those who are DID read this a few times so that hopefully several parts will read this and it will "echo" through the system...if a small part is here, an adult part should be close by. This is important for self-care for the whole.

This is specifically not a place for debate/attack. We can't know when another is feeling small or vulnerable. We aren't sitting in their exact shoes in the moment. We need to pretty much know if a person is posting here, they need/want to. Please accept that which is within the forum guidelines or move around it in some fashion or use ignore. If for any reason, you're not tolerating another poster and he or she is posting with the guidelines for the forum, place him or her on ignore or just don't respond to that person. Any contribution to debate/argument/upset can affect anyone who is reading and feeling vulnerble, and not just necessarily the person you're posting to. Please don't contribute to it.

Kind of like in real life...we may not always like every neighbor we have living by us, but they're still our neighbors in the neighborhood we like. We can control our house and our experiences on our property for the most part, but not the fact that we may live by someone we don't tolerate well. We still enjoy our home and neighborhood for the largest part though.

Enjoy the garden, love the garden, grow the garden. It's within all our capabilities and at our fingertips to do so. Let's all have a "green thumb", covering any weeds that pop up with our self-help tools such as putting into use some of the tips placed here.


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