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Originally Posted by dehuman View Post
You're much more likely to be approved if you get a lawyer, and I'd try to find one that will take your case on a contingency basis. I applied and was denied twice over a two year period before I got a lawyer and he got me approved with no trouble at all.

He advised me I should have contacted him before I filed the first time because any information you provide remains a part of your file, and a lawyer can help you with what you need to put forward.

Also, I'd get all the documentation about your case possible. I asked my doctor if he would write out something that described my condition and how it effected my ability to carry out daily activities and it was one of the main things they looked at.

If you have a hearing and have to speak before the judge be sure to emphasize how it effects you in all aspects of life, from dealing with people, to how you deal with everyday life situations, and not just how it effects your ability to hold down a job. It's the big picture you want to present as your overall case of being disabled.
Not sure if it varies by state, I doubt it since this is a Federal program - but I do not think they are allowed to charge you for any representation the first time around - they can only charge you for assistance with an appeal. Which is why some of them won't even talk to you until you've been denied.

I think before denial they can charge you for expenses only, like copy charges and postage but that's about it - can't charge you for their time.
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