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Default Re: How to post a pic on another Member's page

another way of saying it: i do so love seeing people able to post pics~!

some browsers seem to be a little different than others, but none are so different as Psych Central (PC) ~!

if you look above the large box where you type in messages, (on anyone's profile page or even a forum), you will see a little square box with mountains and a yellow sky and moon/sun? that is where you have to put the picture's address (URL), AND it has to be just right, or it won't post.

you might practice in your own private messages where no one can see mistakes . i use Google. i just type in the search bar: Images, cats; i haz cheeze; or animated dogs; whatever i am looking for. (i'm well known for my flowers.) click GO.

when the web page comes up you might have to select Images again, depends on the phase of the moon or something . if you get a whole roll of pictures you're on the right track. scroll down til you find one you like. pics that say .gif are supposed to be animated or glitter, but they sometimes don't.

you ALWAYS have to isolate the pic you want to a single page of it's own! (use View Image on the main pic page.) when you get it on it's own (check before you do that to see what size it is, things over 1200x800 don't do well on PC) look up in the Search bar to check it's URL (address). it should end in .jpg or .jpeg, or .img, or .gif, etc. ... if it ends in anything else it won't post right, usually.

and there are pits, like Photobucket (disappears after 24 hrs) and fanpop, .ru instead of .com on the main pic page (usually from russia and often loaded with viruses). you may have a steep learning curve with those tricky addresses. one way to get around that is click on the pic and when it's large on the main page, click on "Search by Image". this will give you more sizes and sites. my favorites are Wordpress, Pinterest, GooglePlus, etc. you might like FaceBook,,, any of the big sites that screen for viruses for you. i also use WOT, a site screening program, and my web page virus program has saved me many times.

ok, so let's say you have a main page of images, you have selected one, isolated it, and it says .jpg at the end of the address in the Search bar (YaY). next you Right Click either on the picture or on the address and 'Copy URL'. THEN you go to your PC site page and look for that little box with the mountain in it.

Left Click on that little box, and a Search Box-like narrow window will open. (for some reason, sometimes i get a menu, probably from Right Click-ing.) click INSIDE the typing box, and it will highlight the 'http://' (if that isn't already done). you MUST NOT have 2 'http://'s.! when you click OK.

when you click OK, your URL should transfer to the post page with an image code in front of, and behind it: (actually, if you hate all that clicking, you can just type in the image code around any pic URL~!) chances are real good that my image code is gonna translate, so let me put it WRONG but viewable... [ IMG ].... URL.... [/IMG] (maybe that will stay.)

i know this is all horribly confusing until you get it right a couple of times, and it's so much easier to do with live chat. but do let me know what was the hardest thing to understand and i'll try to put it another way.




then FINALLY to make it a pic, post that last URL into the mountain box:

and click OK. now you are ready to post. (look over your URL to make sure it doesn't have 2 http://'s.)

i hope that came out understandably. i haven't tried typing in those URL's before. still learning myself

best wishes~
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