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Post Dealing with disagreement with other members

I thought I'd add this here, to "enhance" the posting .... I'm not a moderator here and no longer a liaison...but these guidelines can help in having good-topic threads continue, and the more contentious ones be less so, imo.

We are expected to treat one another with courtesy and respect at all times, especially when you disagree with each other.
  • When you disagree, address the context of the post and not the poster.
  • When you disagree with someone's position, you should post evidence and supporting statements for your position. This policy, sometimes referred to as "X means Y because of Z", must be followed especially when posting claims that are widely considered to be controversial.
  • When you disagree and you find yourself becoming frustrated and angry, step away from the computer and give yourself time to cool down.
  • Always proofread your post before hitting the "Reply" button to make sure you have responded with courtesy and respect.
  • You might try posting and saving your reply in a PM to yourself first, and edit from there after you "speak your real mind" to yourself.

Another tip: if you find someone you are often "debating" with... try finding things in common, things you can agree upon, or attributes you can compliment them on, and then work at having civil discussions. If you can do this from their last post, then put it first in your reply...but be sincere.

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