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Smirk Re: Top Depression Resources Online -- Add yours here!

Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
Other than Psych Central, what are your favorite or top resources you visit regularly for this disorder or issue? Please reply to this thread and list a few of what you consider the best of the best online today.

Thank you!
I've been seeing the psychiatrist more than usual lately. He had prescribed Seroqul 300mg at night for sleeping and I took it for 5 months. I then had to get my A1C test for diabetes and my sugar was 515 and stayed near that level until just 2 weeks ago.9.0 and triglycerides were 3,075!! The last time I had an A1C test, six months earlier, I had my sugar was 5.1 My average was 81 and my cholesterol/trygilercides were 216, which I take a statin to treat. My PCP went crazy. She was beside herself because we had no explanation for such high results in such a short time.

I did a lot of research on-line, determined that it was the Seroquel and talked to my PCP and she didn't want to switch it; she wanted the psychiatrist to do it. He didn't believe the Seroquel was the cause, so he had me wait and test again the next month. During that month, he still had me taking it. PCP had given me more meds for sugar Glipizid5mg. Once that test was taken, the sugar was some better. I'm still on the Glipizide, now 10 mg twice a day but the fatty blood hadn't changed much. She doubled the medicine, called Gemfibrozil 600mg, twice a day. She will test me again in May. Already, though, I have been eating like I have since I was diagnosed with diabetes, and I'm on my back. My daily average is 140. I am eating very few animal products, hoping that will help lower the cholesterol and I'm walking a little. I have an appointment next Wednesday to join a gym. I am physically disabled as well, so I can't walk far but on a treadmill, I can set the pace, and if I need to take a break, I will and not feel self-conscious. I'm trying to save my life. What I mean, is that I want to improve the life I have, to be as on-track as I can. There are many things I cannot control. But my eating and my exercise, I can. My depression worsened with all of these emergency results due to the Seroquel (PCP had to have me transported once to the ER to stabilize my sugar). By the way, psychiatrist changed my medicine to Doxe-Pin100mg. I just started that last night. It worked. Sorry for the longest email ever.

I don't get therapy at the community mental health center anymore as my insurance doesn't cover any of it and they are short-staffed anyway. That's why I feel blessed to have found PsychCentral. I told the psychiatrist yesterday that I come here every day, do the mood tracker and have "friends" that I correspond with and I read many of the articles, regularly. I go to what used to be called "Beyond Project Blue" and that was extremely helpful. Therese who writes for it really helped me. I've never seen it addressed before, but I, too, was an unloved daughter and an unwanted daughter by both my parents. The violence and abuse, the rape and the poverty, have me all screwed up but Theresa understands. No one ever has. I'm so grateful for her. Anyway, the psychiatrist was pleased that I come here. He said he views it as another form of group therapy and is very helpful, I was very surprised but so proud for the praise. So thank you, Doc, for providing this forum for all of us who for years, just sat in the darkness, with no one, and now we can communicate, share and encourage those, like us, who need it. Thank you with all my heart. I don't know of any other on-line support groups for depression as I haven't sought them out.
Teresa Morris
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