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Originally Posted by nowheretorun View Post
growing up from about age 7 and beginning to understand a little about life and death and war, i wanted to ask my Dad about his war stories but didnt want to... i imagined they were horrible memories that he wouldnt want to recall... i wondered what haunted him... he was a kind and gentle, but strong man

having met a few vets as ive traveled, in homeless shelters and other places, ive seen upclose what has been done to these good people....

i think you are brave for reaching out to others Troy..

The reason why your dad wouldn't tell you, because he knew you wouldn't understand. In a war, there are deaths, troops bleeding, and blood over the person trying to help the wounded. Seeing someone laying there dying, and they're telling you to make their parents realize they fought hard, and they hope they make them proud, in the meantime, their breathing becomes shallow, it's a frightening situation to see, the wounded are in shock, and their bodies are shaking, the wounded are extremely lethargic. With all due to with respect to you. Unless if you were in a combat situation, and you are under heavy fire. Imagine for a moment if you please, respectfully speaking here, your whole body is a target. Your head, face, neck, the back of your head, and everywhere you can think of. Your dad doesn't want you to have nightmares about it. That's why he doesn't tell you. No matter wounds you have. No one is left behind. You bring them back at all cost. Even if it means your life will end. When I finished Seal training, and that moment is when you wrote that blank check in the sum amount of my life will be taking. That check is still good. The blank check that everyone has ever served wrote that to pay for their freedom. We don't ask for gratitude for saving several troops, while being wounded to pull the fatalities back to safety, knowingly, if we go back to get more troops that are so wounded they cannot help themselves. They may be missing legs, arms, or the whole lower part of their bodies will be gone, or they got shot in the head, their entire head is barely attached. You have to ask this question. Do you really want to know?
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