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Default It is official

I received a call today about the test results from cognitive testing. the call was about that & when I can come in for further testing & to develop a plan.

I found out something i really did not want to know about, my IQ which I had received from similar testing when I was a boy. It makes me feel more isolated then before. When I was a kid I tested out with it is 158. This scares the hell out of me. I can not express how this confirmation just makes me feel more alienated. It was also confirmed I have high functioning Aspergers.

I knew I was different or more to the point could not relate to others very well, and it has often been a struggle: from being made fun of by both adults and my fellow classmates. Told I was weird, strange or eccentric...I am sure you have heard these things to...ugh

And this further exacerbates my personal life with my primary relationship which is already more complicated then I can handle somedays. I really need that support...

I hope whatever plan my psycologist comes up with helps me cope with this.
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