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Originally Posted by OliverB View Post
I am glad you have achived to be functioning, without psychosis and without too much medication side effects, somtimes they can be as devasting as the own disorder (I don't know if you actually get any because it's a low dose). The ideal is to be on the lowest AP dose as possible, and yeah, 7.5mg is really low, It's a good new you have achieved so much and it gives hope to other people

Was the CBT program specially heplful or wasn't it? I still see as important (in my case) to be med free in the future, but I understand that from your experience being on a low dose it's perfect instead of trying again to go off of it. I see CBT, art therapy and similar as a way to reduce (or even completely quit) medication, but it depends on each case

One of my objetives is achive what you have! A PhD, social life and work! I am working hard to get it
For me I would say that meds took care of 90% of the psychosis and cbt the remaining 10%----I just don't think cbt on its on is good enough for me at least but it may be one of those things that's variable just like medication.....but cbt was super helpful in dealing with the way I was thinking about other people I owe the friends/boyfriend to that.... meds really wouldn't touch my social difficulties.
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