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I'm sitting here nodding my head to everything you wrote.
Or IP workers just shake their head when they see "returners". The last social worker (new hospital, since 3 closed) said to me, "we're becoming to know you quite well". Yeah- you know, these 15 minute chats that cost $250 a pop (thankfully not paid by me) really give a great understanding of me and my issues :/ lol
But it doesn't feel good. It's not like I want to be there.
Thursday, t asked me what I felt about going in :/ she said she wasn't suggesting it (lol) just wondered what I thought about it.
I know if I told her tonight what I was thinking, well... I know where I'd be. Maybe sitting in front of her where she can read me better.
But we're only at 3 months together and she's seen 3 of me so she doesn't know me yet.
To her credit, she did say she doesn't just put people in just because. I'd have to have an active plan with a timeline. "For example, a lot could change between now and the weekend". That's pretty lenient of a t.

I know it will pass, right? I'm still here, so it does pass. I just have to ride it out.
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