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Default Re: The Fibromyalgia check in thread #3

Well I have a wonderful kidney infection and did not get much sleep from Thursday to Friday morning I was up at 1:00 am on Thursday morning.

Anyway my hubby got home a little early so I thought I might take my meds early and set in for the night what the heck was I thinking.

I got a call from my daughter. Her dog was spayed and her stomach tacked down on Thursday. She went in to pick her up Friday and when she got back home the dog kennel was broken. She called me to see if it could be fixed and when the jerk boyfriend heard her on the phone with me she hung up on me because he was screaming and yelling then 2 minutes later she's calling saying he kicked her and the dog out and and it was hot and the dog needed to be someplace calm she was screaming you got to get here

Then he started throwing her clothes outside through the window and she reached in to grab some of them and he slammed the window and her arm went through the window

He called 911 and all she could think of was getting her dog to safety so she went to my grandmother's and i headed there to but mind you I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and on a Friday after you are not going fast.

She's all cut up he tried cocking her and broke her bra strap and she had no shoes on. When the police came I could already see that he was working his way back to her the longer they took to get to my grandmother's. First him and his mom said they were going to press charges then the next text was he is not then when the police officer came she would not let him take pictures of her and her injurys

I am tired and I am so sick I can't keep doing this.
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