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Default Re: The Fibromyalgia check in thread #3

Gus you and Jan are right and for a while I did not accept her calls nor did I let her in but I thought things were changing but I guess I was wrong.

I did talk to the officer and I am thinking about finding someone to talk to about it but I feel strange doing that and the fact that I have to go to the doctors so much and my son sees a psychologist every week and a psychiatrist once a month the bills add up.

I believe in my heart that he will kill her just like her therapist said he would and the officer said he's a lot bigger then her.

Jan if you want to talk about what happened with belle PM me. I know people shouldn't be able to find out where you post but they do I don't know how but .....

On a funny note when the officer was at my grandmother's he looked at me and said this is your grandmother's house correct and I said yes he asked what is her name and sweet Mikey said her name is Nana it made us laugh.

The other funny thing is my husband. He is more comfortable fixing things etc when it comes to computers and iPhones he's lost. Well he has an iPhone for work. Work pays for it. My husband happens to like moons and was playing around with his phone and saw a moon and click on it. Then his phone stopped ringing. When I called it went straight to voice mail when his boss called straight to voice mail this went on all week. He would stop and look at it and see all the missed calls. So he said I think my phone is broken. Well one of his friends that he grew up with works with him and he said what's up you're not taking calls and he said it's not ringing. Well when he clicked on the moon he put everyone on do not disturb we all got a Chuckle out of that.

Kiya, Liz and Christina I hope you guys are alright

Hugs to alland thanks for letting me vent
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