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Default Re: The Fibromyalgia check in thread #3

Cake, thank you for telling us about Mikey and about your husband. That was so cute!

I know you're swamped with appointments and bills, but I hope so much you talk to someone about what you're going through with your daughter. It will really help you stick to it and validate what you're going through. Never assume things are getting better until you see really long term progress. We all love you, Cake. You are so important to us.

Today has been an interesting one. I tried out my portable dishwasher for the first time. I had to prime it and run it through cycles before I could actually do dishes. Belle is afraid of the loud pops the machine makes as it's getting ready to change cycles and let the water out into the sink. I decided to start out with the shortest setting so Belle could get used to the noises. Well, instead, I set it so that it went through every cycle! I thought the thing was never going to stop and Belle ended up hiding under a towel she uses as a blanket!

I would like to ask all of you for your advice about Belle. I know you all love her and that most of you have pets and so have knowledge of things I don't have.

As most of you know, I live on a limited income. Belle's expenses are getting bigger. I have to have her spayed soon, and the Vet will probably have to pull the two broken teeth. I also want her micro chipped while she's asleep. Her meds are about $60 per refill. Also, this special "hypo allergenic" prescription food she's on is outrageously expensive.

Belle is worth every penny I have. Please don't misunderstand. But, since Belle has so many health issues, I want to carve out money to buy pet Health Insurance for her. I won't have the money to help her if something catastrophic crops up and I don't ever want to let her down. Do you think I could at least talk to the vet and tell her that Belle needs allergy shots, instead of the expensive foods and treats?

My friend knows how to give dogs shots. I hate for Belle to need a shot every month, but this just isn't working on so many levels.

I also think Belle is allergic to the carpet in here. I can't run the cleaner with my back like this. Belle sneezes when she sniffs the carpet. So, it's not all food. I have asked if they would replace this carpet, which is probably at least 20 years old, but they won't. Even if they would allow me to replace it at my cost, I can't afford that.

What happened yesterday is weighing so heavily on my mind. The person who caused it cackled and laughed because Belle ran away. I almost lost Belle.
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