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Default Re: The Fibromyalgia check in thread #3

Jan, I understand you not wanting to post what happened, but from what you posted, do you need me to come to your house and go redneck crazy on someone?!?!? Be more than happy to having a raging, screaming fit on someone.
Jan, will your vet let you set up a payment schedule for what Belle needs? You could also look for low cost spay clinics in your area. You adopted her from a shelter/rescue, didn't you? They might know a low cost spay program. There's a vet in my area that got a grant to spay/neuter pets for $35. Some animal shelters offer low cost spay/neuter to help prevent unwanted litters. Definitely talk to the vet about shots versus the food. It can't hurt to ask. Regarding pet insurance, there's a thread in the pets forum that has some info about it. Personally, I never thought it was worth the cost.

Cake, you need to put you first. Please stop rescuing your daughter. She made this mess, let her clean it up. Someone else mentioned looking for long term changes. I agree. It made me think of something that happened with me years ago. I told someone I thought my abusive husband was changing because he had not done anything to me for six weeks. This person just looked at me and said "Talk to me when it's been six months." As long as your daughter keeps going back to this guy nothing is going to change. Next time she calls because he went after her, give her the phone number for the local DV shelter.

I'm feeling kind of punk today - tired and achey. Had plans to do some yard work and clean house. I may spend the day curled up with a good book.
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