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Originally Posted by bearguardian View Post
hey turtle, welcome here

What a dreadful existence here on earth. Maybe you should have a serious conversation with death. He is often misunderstood. Far more sinister archetypes exist and plague this world...

I just noticed this book is copyrighted, but dont want to put it down now. Sorry forum moderators and authors.

But honestly, copyright sucks, especially digital, more so on ebooks. Free ebooks would probably increase the sales of normal books.
Look up Agorism.

That is how I feel over the whole digital copyright B.S and the system in general.

I personally think we need a paradigm shift. Humanity needs to evolve to stop being selfish little pieces of garbage that only cares about their own interests, yet is so quick to judge anybody who is different or has some kind of problem that they are too inept to understand.

I think we need some type of apocalyptic event such as climate change taking it's tole, the dollar becoming obsolete due to inflation, or even a zombie apocalypse at this point to wipe out these people and cull the human population down while rewarding the rest of us who are willing to adapt to work together to survive without judging or bullying each other over their differences which are quite frankly, insignificant with our own utopia.

If such an event did happen, I am certain that humanity would change quickly when they realize that rioting or raiding each other won't work in the long run and only by working together and accepting one another would people survive and thrive.

Then the survivors could band together and build their own Agorist Anarchist society where no corrupt government has any control and the people, having finally learned their lesson, can live free and happy.

That is what I want to happen one day.
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