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Originally Posted by NeighborsTrigger View Post
Venom1605, both my psychiatrist and psychologists have told me that some of my medications are causing me to forget the correct word I want to use (I might say the word marker when what I really want to say and mean is pen). Also, my memory is not the greatest, either. I tend to blame the more flagrant memory loss on a <trigger> *suicide attempt* <trigger> in 2008. I kept myself stable up to this point, except for outside stressors that cause me to have PTSD flashbacks. I don't know if you are on any meds now, but if you are, you can ask your psychiatrist if they can cause some of these problems.

My own problem with my psychologists is that I have Medicare (and Medicaid). I guess someone out there might not think that's a problem, but where I reside in PA, it is. Due to my Medicare, I must see only a Psy.D., Ph.D., or a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). There evidently is a shortage of these professionals in my area. Right now, only because I have Medicare, the only way I can even get a qualified psychologist is to have a Ph.D. professional overseeing a student Ph.D. in training. All of the other doctoral level people are overbooked and are not seeing any new clients at this time or in the near future. And the situation continues to worsen here. I probably could look into another practice elsewhere, but I was already informed that it would be the same scenario wherever I would go, at least in my area. I am still hoping and looking for a permanent therapist (psychologist).
That's the worst. Probably says that for the minimum payment he receives off your insurance, just to keep you.
I wish you the best!
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