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Default Re: Death Magick Thread

Originally Posted by Turtle_Rider View Post
Thanks for the news. A good leader in my country faces same issue too, even through it is not death penalty. He's actually clean, but his enemy tried to exploit this issue to get rid of him. Because he is the good guy which always intercept those bad guy plans. It makes everyone really mad.

Those rude tourist. They're think they cool but they're soon regret is as they older.

I've finished my past project, tomorrow I'll start on Tim. He's been waiting so long. Sadly, I have little free time now. Maybe I'll finish it around 25th or so. I can't promise.

Anyway, I'm happy. Because I finally able to return to a world in my head. I was too depressed I can't return. The depression is not all gone, but at least I'm able to back again.
Sometimes I can not discern if children outside are playing or screaming. Those tourists were probably just messing around, but there was so much threatening tone in their voice. I saw a lady on the street running to avoid them.

Today was much better view from the window. I saw a neighbour giving food to Kathryn Janeway(a local cat).

I was spaced out in my room the entire day, contemplating and stuff. I didnt even eat much. Maybe its the summer getting to me.
that weird hidden space:
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