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Originally Posted by Feral-kun View Post
How about Oliver Queen, and his dad, and that sailor dude, adrift on a life raft after the Queen's Gambit was sabotaged and sunk. We all know who survived... good ol' Ollie
He survived and 4 seasons later became an utterly pathetic little white knight coward.

I used to love the hell out of that TV show because I saw Arrow as a more realistic hero that was forged through going through some type significant hardship and wasn't afraid of doing what is necessary for the greater good, even if it means torturing and killing. I thought such a hero was more realistic and easier to relate to for me than one of these "meta humans" like The Flash, for example. The Flash, like many other heroes, has a personality that I simply cannot stand. He is way too naive to how the world really works and if it wasn't for his powers, he would be nothing.

But then they force this goody two shoe crap on us in the pathetic excuse that was season 4 which made me give up that show entirely. At least Batman still remains easy to relate with for me and is still a total badass

Anyways, I should stop with my superhero rant while I'm ahead.

I will just leave this bit of wisdom before I leave: these bullies will just be the people who flip our burgers and make our tacos. We are better than them because we were tempered in the fires of hell that those weak little cowards put us through. We are stronger, smarter, and better than they could ever hope to be.
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