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Originally Posted by Ms.Lizette View Post

I struggled with anorexia for 13 years. I understand how you feel 100%.

I am 33 today and recovered physically at the age of 30.

I can say that it is worth recovering physically, really. It does get better mentally as well, but sometimes I still struggle with body dismorphia and sometimes I hate being normal weight (sometimes I like it!)...but at least I don't have to worry about osteoporosis and other crap.

It is really hard to gain weight and look normal, when you are struggling inside, It feels like no one sees how much you are hurting. But at the same time, it is the only chance you have to find out why you are hurting!

let me explain, only when I recovered from anorexia it was clear that many of my issues came from other mental illnesses. I am now diagnosed with BPD, and I probably have other issues as well. It gets so much clearer when anorexia isn't in the way, because I can work with the real issues.

I would say I recovered with the help of my fear. Fear of getting disabled, fear or permanent physical damage, fear of the future. It helped me to see the big picture: my life, my only life

I still struggle with eating sometimes, but mostly I eat enough and I keep a normal weight. I have completely dropped exercise and I can eat a normal amount without gaining weight, which I never thought would be possible.

I have to accept my body set itself at a BMI of 21-22, but that is fine. I have to accept it.

My advice is, you have to jump in the cold water. Brace yourself, anxiety will come. You have a mission and that is stabilizing your weight. If talking to a therapists helps, try to get one. But the fight is inside you, and you have to be ready to take the anxiety.

If you don't, you will eventually die, or have the rest of your life destroyed. THis is reality.

I strongly advice eating minimum 3000 calories/day until that doesn't make you gain anymore. Then you have reached the weight your body needs to recover. A lot of repair has to be done after 14 years of disordered eating. Only then you can cut the calories a bit. Some people gain more, some less. You will not be able to control the weight gain, this is the truth. You have to trust.

I know it seems impossible. But it is either you fight with your anxiety or you accept this disorder will take your life, you have to be determined and walk through the storm. It will end and it will get better. I promise

Feel free to PM me if you need.

You've helped more people than who indicate. Thank you
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