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Default I need advice please

So I have some questions. Basically I think I have an ed(?) but thatís what Iím here to ask you about. Basically every single day I think about food and how I donít want to eat and I plan on not eating lunch. If I didnít have to eat in school or sit at the dinner table at home I would choose not to eat pretty much. But the thing is I eat every meal. I skip breakfast on purpose because itís all I can do. But this is where I say my mind is consumed with wanting to lose weight, being thin, not eating, and PLANNING on not eating- even though I always end up eating. Also- when I eat I feel disappointed with myself. Iíve never purged although itís sometimes a strong urge. Iíve tried once but It didnít work and Iíve never done it. This has been going on since July. My main question is do I need to seek therapy for this? I feel like a coward because Iím not bad as other people and I still eat lunch and dinner every day. I just donít know what do To honestly.
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