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Default Re: Welcome to our Schizophrenia and Psychosis Support Forum!

Hi so glad I found this forum, have been caring for my mother since she was diagnosed a few years ago. She is on the invega monthly injection, through cto as she lacks insight. Although the psychosis has subsided, she has zero interest in her life and is just not functioning well. Me and the rest of the family are very worried, shes lost interest in once enjoyed activities! I am trying to get into contact with her case manager but every time I call I get told she will call me back, but never does. I just am thinking is there anything at all that might bring her back to her former self, i know theres no cure but to minimise the withdrawn effects and get her interested in life. She currently is sleeping most the day, cannot see why we are worried. There was her sister who told the dr at her last appointment at the community mental health centre but it seems they are not fazed and are discharging her to the gp. I just dont understand how the drs, case workers are not more worried. I certainly am worried, is hard seeing my mum just exist with no interest in life!
She isnt saying shes depressed, I think its part of the illness. Is there anyone out there that has any advice on how I can help her?
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