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Originally Posted by Purple,Violet,Blue View Post
Hi. I don't much about your situation, so I'm sorry if I say the wrong thing.

Do you have a therapist you can talk this through with?

Is it possible someone got you to take some drugs that have caused this?

Don't worry too much about what people think. They'll almost certainly assume you'd taken something recreational.
I was taking same thing everyone else was as far as i know...

Left and forgot my medicine, effexor and topamax, so went 5 days without that.. and bein high and triggered because of something that happened and someone special that accidentally ended up there i haven't seen since i was a kid...

I did meth, weed, and might of some opiate but im not sure... they might of drugged me without tellin me what was in it..

I was having alot of visual distortions...
Like being in a tunnel.. not really able to see... like seeing through multiple eyes... different parts looking different like a mosaic... hearing was not processing..

I am seeing new therapist on the 10...

But im scared because i stopped thinking i had D.I.D. and thought it just borderline personality stuff... but this experience really scares me and i think i ****ed up my reputation...

I just froze or became this part that was terrified to be involved but i was there just not awake or able to do anything because i wasn't understanding or under control...

I was triggered when i saw the girl get assaulted.. havnt felt like that in so long...
My mind went in so many ways because of the situation... and im still trying to put it back...

I felt like i wanted to push out the good parts of my personality.. the strong and fun parts..
But they were all shut down or something... all that was present was ****ed up individual that didnt know what the hell was going on.. or what to do...

I shoulda been able to do something but i was doung all i could to keep from blacking out or passing out ...

I am lucky to have made it home without getting shot or beat the **** out of i think... but maybe just as bad... maybe now no one wants anything to do with me
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