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Default Re: big problem..

Well.. they kind of are family..

I just am having a hard time dealing with it...

It disturbed me not to be in control and to have so many things happening inside my mind...

Now they know that its bad probably and i put alot of energy into trying to hide whatever is wrong with me...

But im just not able to shake that D.I.D. feeling, paranoia, that maybe i do have it... i was in conflict and it was causing like freezing... not able to go one way because too many ways trying to be all going and fighting for dominance..

Ending up looking like an empty shell of a person going through some kind of system reboot or internal distress about which way to be... like i know i act different all the time but i couldnt do anything ... was frozen... hypnotized.. in a trance.. something.. with a lot going on inside the mind..

Telling me to do this
Say this, dont do this, ect and that the other people were talking about me.. but i just feel confused because i dont know what really happened like what was maybe just in my head and what was real...

I fought so hard to stay awake because i was scared that if i didnt something else would take over again and i might would of ended up in jail..

Im also scared of what i may have said while asleep because i talk in sleep pretty bad when my mind gets bad...

I just dont know what to do because i had convinced myself theres no way i have d i d... now i just dont know again... i just dont feel right...
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