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Default Re: relapse anorexia - recovery is harder?

As I got my whole life stable, my anorexia stabilized too. Trauma, stress, & emotional issues were a huge triggering factor. When the triggering factors get resolved it helps resolve the ED.....I'm the talking triggering factors being the number on the scales....I'm talking about the life issues that started your anorexia up 2 years ago. Those are the issues that need to be worked on while you eat to survive.

What pushed my last recovery was that I left my bad marriage & bought a farm in another state out in the country. I had to be able to function TOTALLY ALONE, work outside & inside & have no one to depend on or look out for me if I passed out like I normally did. I needed energy & only FOOD could give me what I needed to survive on my own. Enough work so never worry about gaining too much though I do eat basically what I need to function. The relief of being away from the stressful marriage & away from where I had got through the trauma during my moms death from cancer helped my recovery.

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