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Smile Re: Turning Today into Tomorrow

Well... I don't know as I have any great suggestions for you either. I think all you can do is to come up with a goal & a plan to achieve it. Break your plan down into as small steps as you need to & then take it one step at a time. Avoid looking ahead. Just focus on the one small step you have in front of you.

That's probably not something you needed me to tell you. But the reality is, at least from my perspective, there aren't any secret strategies, no magic solutions you haven't heard of; ones that if you can just find them all will be well. Basically I believe you have two choices. Either come up with a plan to make the changes you'd like to see in your life or find a way to accept that perhaps what you see as a stagnant lifestyle is in reality okay just as it is. Actually, if you can manage to find that kind of acceptance of the way things currently are, you may find that coming up with a plan to make the kinds of changes you'd like to see in your life suddenly seems easier. At least those are my thoughts with regard to your post. I wish you well...
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