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Default Fighting my social anxiety

Hi all, I had been isolating myself for so many years due to my chronic social anxiety, that i was becoming so depressed and very close to suicide. I decdied to do something about it and started going back to my mental health clubhouse where i have known alot there for years but would only drop in once a year or so. I am now going on 4 days straight there.
Its nice you get a free cup of coffee in the morning and lunch is only $!.50 and they have a free salad bar if you have no money and a snack bar to buy snacks and the day is structured around a work order day where u can work in the kitchen or in business doing data entry or reception answering phones there are alot of jobs and things to do and if u cannot or do not feel comfortable working they do not make you. it runs from 7am till 330pm and they have people who will take you to the pharmacy to pick up meds and just a number of things they help you with. They even have a small clothing store in the club where u can purchase clothes for a quarter each. Monday, tomorrow will be day 4 and it feels so good to break out of my self made prison at home and get out.
I got to the point that i knew i was dying and was going to die and was getting super super depressed, staying in the same clothes on the couch doing nothing everyday and just alone with my own thoughts and i decided i had to make a drastic change no matter how hard it would be. I am no where near well but i am now trying to break out of that shell and trying hard not to be afraid of people and talking and realizing that i am just as valuable as they are. This has been so good for my mental health and has got me eating on a regualr basis too because i am getting a decent lunch each day going there. Today i feel good about the changes i am making and i look forward to any feedback or advice or suggestions anyone else has about breaking out of the isolation and socializing ...


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