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Default Re: The Fibromyalgia check in thread #4

Seems like all I do lately is battle people. I've been battleing the insurance and the place that did my last ct scan to get it paid. It's a mess then battling my daughter who just upsets me so much to the point I have to take extra heart meds.

I am battling bronchitis plus now my son is sick. Sorry I have no sympathy for him. He refuses to wear jackets or shoes and socks when he goes outside. It's be in the high 20's low 30's at night or once the sun goes down. My son has autism and mild retardation and a few other things but he works and he's 27 years old but at some point e has to take responsibility. Put a jacket in when you go outside. So my mom and grandmother are not to happy with me because.

But last minute I had to run him to the doctors and then the pharmacy plus I had to battle traffic to get him and since I was out do a few things. By the time I got home I couldn't move.

Today my daughter came by to help me shop for grocerys. She usually ends up costing me more but ok. Then she embarrassed me in the store all because she could not get wifi. This is my grocery store she doesn't go there anymore but I do. Then she said she was not going to help me unload the car I told her to leave and that she needs help.

I am cold, tired and I hurt so bad. Oh and I had to stop taking my muscle relaxer because it was causing dry mouth and a bad taste in my mouth so I had a few of my old muscle relaxers so I took them tonight.

I need sleep

So for ranting and I am sorry for everyone that is suffering

Sending healing vibes and hugs to everyone
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