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Default Re: Fighting my social anxiety

Originally Posted by Emotionally Dead View Post
This is great! Unfortunately sometimes when it comes to socializing, we have to take risks. I donít generally have ďsocial anxietyĒ in the normal sense, but I donít like putting myself in uncomfortable situations. I hang out with my friends a lot, but theyíre my friends. I am less comfortable when it involves hanging out with people I donít know (such as my friends bringing along their friends). Thereís been times itís worked out great, and other times Iíve regretted it. Unfortunately itís the only way we are ever going to meet new people though, and risks will have to be taken. What youíre doing is great though, and I hope youíll meet some really awesome people!
Thank you. Every day that i get out and surround myself around people at the clubhouse (known most of them for years) even the ones i dont know, i feel like i am taking a step in the right direction. It feels really good and increases my mood to a better mood as well.


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