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Default Re: What did you find HELPFUL?

I keep a picture of my nephews on my desk to remind me of how I don't want to disappoint them by relapsing.
School is helpful and a good motivator for me to stay in recovery. I found this semester that one simply cannot study physical chemistry without a properly fed brain.

I have created a playlist of encouraging songs to listen to when I'm really struggling.

Some days I ask a friend text me to keep me accountable to whether I have eaten enough for the day or not.

I write constant reminders everywhere in my apartment - especially on my mirrors.
Somtimes I have to put my full length mirror in timeout and brush my teeth not in the bathroom so that I won't stare in the mirror at myself the whole time.
If you have a scale, I reccommend taking it out back and shooting it with a gun, beating it with a hammer, or running over it with a car. Sound violent? That's what it's been doing to you.

I ask for support on facebook when I need it.
I've been using a wonderful app specifically for EDs called Recovery Record for a few years now and it's linked with my dietitian, so she can see if I'm following my meal plan or not.
I have a therapist who is trained to work with eating disorders (it makes a HUGE difference, trust me). And my dietitan and t talk to each other about how I'm doing.
Are you in treatment by chance?

When I'm in a good place, I make meals that follow my meal plan and freeze them so that I don't have an excuse when I'm not in a good place.

Sorry, this reply ended up being kind of an unorganized brain dump..

Above all, keep fighting because progress seems invisible, but it is there when you persevere.
Recovery seems endless, and it's never linear. But once you make up your mind to keep pushing towards recovery, and start taking the right steps, there is another side to the torment and time sucking of the ED.

You can do this, my friend. I believe in you.

I'm here if you need support.
Feel free to pm me.
Yes. Jesus is the reason I am still alive today.


(I don't define myself by my personal alphabet up there, but I put it there so that maybe somebody won't feel so alone )
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