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Unhappy Sexual Problem

Ok. So I have a problem. I don't climax that easily with a man, most especially in the beginning of a relationship and especially with intercourse, and it's frustrating my new guy.

I could tell he was frustrated this morning, and it sucked. I have yet to climax whenever we have fooled around, which hasn't really been that many times yet -- maybe just a handful.

Today he said he has tried all his tricks, that I am a big challenge and that there's no breaking through the barrier. UGH!

I told him that it takes me a while to become comfortable sexually with someone and to open myself up in this way. I also reassured him that I am enjoying myself immensely, regardless. I think that helped somewhat, but I feel SO guilty and awful for having this problem!

It always takes me a while before I can allow myself to climax with someone new. I think it's a vulnerability thing?!? I think that I feel like if I allow myself to climax, then I have shared all of myself with someone, and that as a result, I will feel much closer to them emotionally and that much more vulnerable. I am not sure really, but I have an emotional block. He said he can tell that I am holding back or that I am a bit reserved. UGH. It left me feeling absolutely horrible this morning.

I am making myself vulnerable by even talking about this openly because it is SO deeply personal, but I need some support around this.

As an FYI: I will be going out of town on Sunday until Monday, so I will not be able to reply during that time if there are replies.

Thank you all in advance for being compassionate and gentle around this topic. It is a highly sensitive one for me.
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