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Default Re: I Cleaned Up Today!

Originally Posted by glamslam View Post
LadyShadow, excellent thread! Iíll be a ďregularĒ posting my progress. My dad died two months ago and I inherited his house (which I really am grateful for). He was not a pack rat or unclean....but it is a big house and he never sorted through my momís things when she died. I need to go through thirty years of house things and ... well, Iím overwhelmed.

Showered (does that count?) and put fresh sheets on the bed last night. Cleaned the kitchen and my bathroom, too. Iíve been sick with the flu and Iím sooo behind in laundry.

I slept well so I will have the energy to tackle it today.
Thank you! Once I cleaned everything up, and got organized, I realized that it really isn't about being lazy, it was mostly about being symptomatic and unmotivated, and just.....overwhelming, especially if you are bipolar.

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing, and having to go through your mother's stuff too. It must be overwhelming! My advice is try not look at it as a HUGE mountain you can't overcome, but take it piece by piece, a little every day, you know to put you mind at ease a bit.

Showering and changing sheets is an accomplishment too! (In fact there is a "I Took A Shower Today" thread here just for that. It seems everyone is down with the flu these days, be really careful, and if it gets worse PLEASE go see a doctor.

As for me, my place is a bit messy, but I plan on tackling everything this weekend, laundry included.
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