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Default Re: Xanax withdrawal treatment with long acting benzo

Originally Posted by roham_06 View Post
Can xanax withdrawal symptoms be treated by a long actng benzo like chlordiazepoxide?
That is what my doctor did with me. I was having panic attacks once or twice a day and taking 1-3 .5mg Xanax to deal with it. Sometimes I would take one Xanax and 30 minutes later I would feel no relief and would have to take another one.

My doctor put me on .5mg Klonopin taken regularly twice a day, and the panic attacks went away. Klonopin is a longer acting benzo that wears off slower. I don't get the rebound effect that I sometimes would with the Xanex when it would wear off. I still have anxiety but no more attacks. Maybe once every week or two I have to take an extra Klonopin due to anxiety, but it is much better than when I was on the Xanax.

As always, your mileage will vary. The dose you need will depend on how much Xanax you are taking. Above all, work this out with your doctor.
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