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Default Re: Tantrums/self-consciousness with Covert NPD

Welcome to this forum. I don't have NPD but my last therapist told me 8 years ago that I was "narcissistically wounded and fragmented" and diagnosed me with DDNOS and PDNOS.

In my experience, even though I was willing to "blame myself" and try to "get help", it didn't help very much. I'm currently trying the 12-step group Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families. They have some online meetings, too, if there aren't any in-person meetings near you. If you're not 20 yet, there are some "teen" groups for children of alcoholics and maybe drug addictions, too, but I don't know for sure.

Good luck and keep posting, if you like. I'm really pissed, after all the therapy I tried, that the profession seems not to have anything much to help people with "disorders of narcissism", including covert narcissism and codependency. Posts by people who are "afflicted" might help get some more information about the various conditions "out there" and maybe that could lead to something to help, eventually. Or maybe there needs to be a 12-step group for narcissism! But it's not here yet.
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